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Media Report Tips

The following tips are my suggestions about the presentation of your Media Report. Check out Page 19 of your course outline for more guidelines...
(Be aware that your own tutor might will probably have their own standards and expectations so check with them if you're unsure...)

  1. Adhere to the MLA referencing style for the presentation of your sources. See your copy of Tensen pp.105-128
  2. Use the library Drop-in-Tutorials and training sessions to get the most out of your computer, your software and your education.
  3. My preference is that you use single quotation marks in preference to double quotation marks for in text quotations. (Either is correct, although my Style Manual of choice is the Australian Government's Publishing Service manual.)
  4. Proofread and edit your work. If it doesn’t sound correct, it probably isn’t.
  5. Follow assessment instructions to the letter. Read the question carefully and be aware of the marking criteria. Page 19 of your course outline has some excellent guidelines.
  6. Three different font and/sizes are enough in any one piece of work.
  7. Use active English where possible - 'the hammer hits the nail' instead of 'the nail was hit by the hammer'.
  8. Do not use bullets. It’s a very lazy way of writing reports and will not develop and refine your writing skills.
  9. Ensure the use of colons and semi-colons is appropriate. Consult a style guide if you are unsure as to their correct use.
  10. Verbosity is no substitute for eloquence. Use direct english eg. 'He was inebriated by the exuberance of his own verbosity' is better writen as 'He liked the sound of his own voice'
  11. If sentences are longer than 25 words, they generally need to be re-written.
  12. A synopsis should summarise the content of a report. It is not an introduction. (Tip: Write the report first, then write your synopsis. It usually features answers to the ‘who, why, where and when’ of a topic)
  13. Do not bracket information - write it.
  14. Do not use apostrophes on block quotes.
  15. Do not italicise speech.
  16. Do not include your own assumptions and opinions in academic work - only that which is supported by refereed fact.
  17. Present your work with 3.5-4cm margins, double spacing, a 12 point font and an AMC coversheet.
  18. Staple pages in the top left hand corner only and do not insert your work in any kind of plastic folder.

Remember: Your tutor will have their own standards and expectations of your academic work. If you are not in a 'Kate Liley' tute, you should check with your own tutor as to their expectations and standards.