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Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment 1: Media Report

Q: What sort of tone should I use for my Media Report?
A: Your Media Report should be objective and balanced in its presentation of the facts. This means that you should avoid emotive arguments, your personal opinion and unsubstantiated (and un-referenced) information.
For example, imagine you are preparing the report for a Cabinet Minister. They are only interested in being able to discuss the facts of the issue (which you will appropriately reference in your report using the Humanities Guide to Referencing
Assessment 3
Q: Just a quick question, do I need to include the writing manuals I used on writing my feature and documentary treatment as a part of my bibliography?
A: Yes please (you are required to include at least one writing manual as part of the assessment requirements indicated in your course outline on page 24)
General FAQ's
Q: How do I reference a newspaper article?
A: Check out page 6 of the Humanities Guide to Referencing at and click on 'Referencing Guide' in the navigation bar.

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