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Power and Progress: A Presentation
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This website features a presentation given at the 'Scenes, Subcultures and Tribes' Conference at University College, Northampton, UK on 12th September 2003.
The presentation is based on RidgiDidge: A study of new media use among Australian High School Students, the PhD research of Kate Liley.

Here's the face that goes with name and work on this site...
I'm currently in the second year of my PhD, looking at the nature of contemporary Australian Childhood. My other research interests concern children's media issues such as media literacy and advertising, to the development of appropriate research methodologies that are inclusive of children.
As well as tutoring undergraduate students in Film and Media, I am also a Nationally Accredited Ju Jitsu instructor, musician, artist and Mother to one.


A study of how new media technology figures in the lives of Australian High School Students