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Assessment 1 Tips
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The key to submitting a good first assessment for CMM17 is to be found in:
1) Completing the coursework requirements.
This means working through your study guide and readings methodically, so that you develop a 'film vocabulary' where you can discuss aspects of mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing and sound with a level of confidence. Similarly, terms such as icon, index, metaphor and metonymy that you will use in your analysis are to found in your readings with further explanation of each term being found in your glossary of terms.
(I have never met a successful CMM17 student who has been able to skip this part of the course...)
2) Include a segmentation.
Although the inclusion of a segmentation is not mandatory, it is often useful to include one in your work (as an appendix - sorry no extra marks, but the inclusion of a segmetation fills me with tutorly joy...). The inclusion of a segmentation assists you in covering all the aspects of your opening/pre-credit sequence in your analysis, as well as allowing you to refer to your text in a logical manner.
3) Not being too...
Vague, general, elusive, cryptic, patronising, opinionated...
An analysis of your chosen film segment should be about the segment and the 'showcasing' of your skills gleaned from the coursework. Unfortunately some students confuse analysis with review/critique and personal opinion. While I would expect that you would enjoy your chosen segment, in terms of the assessment, I can only give you marks  for your analysis of the four technical codes at hand and your demonstration of the synergy between said codes...
4) Proofread and review your work before you submit it.
Student loose valuble marks in the following areas; spelling, sentence construction (grammar/syntax), not including all sections of analysis, not double-spacing their work, not using wide margins (for tutor comments) and generally indicating that they have not read their assessment instructions.

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