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The Spectator's Gaze
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Presentation Tips

Your assignments should have the following features:

  • 12 point font or equivalent (Times New Roman and Garamond are appropriate fonts)
  • Double spacing
  • Page numbers
  • 3-4cm margins
  • An OLA Cover sheet that includes your address
  • A title page that includes your name, student number, subject code, assessment item number, due date and the name of the film under analysis.
  • Print out your assessment in ‘normal’ rather than ‘draft’.
  • A bibliography that includes the details of your film, course texts and your dossier readings.
  • In text references where appropriate (A referencing guide can be found at [click on ‘Referencing Guide’ in the Navigation list at the left-hand side of your screen when you get there]).
  • Avoid personal pronouns in your academic work (I, We, You, Us etc.). Use phrases like ‘This analysis will show…’ in preference to ‘I will be writing about…’.
  • Refer to the spectator or the viewer in preference to ‘us’ or ‘we’.
  • Italicise your film titles rather than underline them. There is no need to use apostrophes around italicised titles.
  • Avoid using borders, pictures or film stills in your academic work. Instead use a written sequence or plot segmentation and refer to that. It should be included as an appendix to your work.
  • Do not confuse film analysis with review, critique, description or synopsis. (Your opinion of your text for analysis is not being assessed, but how and why you arrived at your conclusion, is).
  • Do not refer to your text for analysis as a 'movie' (this word connotes 'casualness' and detracts from the weight of your study and effort).The appropriate academic terms for your analyses are  'text', 'sequence' or 'film'.

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