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Case Study Checklist
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Writing a Feature Article
Example Article 'Shihan Reg Ellis: Sakura Ryu Ju Jitsu' by Kate Liley
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Case Study Checklist

Case Study Checklist

Ensure your 3rd assessment includes the following features…

  • AMC Coversheet (Ensure you indicate if you want ‘detailed’ comments)
  • Submit by 11/06/04 through OCAHS
  • Have you used the following headings/subheadings:
    • Part 1: Project Introduction
    • Statement (Concept statement, angle for feature and doco, feature article publication/target audience, doco media buyer/potential audience)
    • Sources: (List each fact/quote with its source although you will give the full bibliographic version of your sources in your bibliography. You will also outline any ‘creative working of sources’ here as well)

All Statistics on the household use of domestic technology come from

The quotes attributed to Margaret Murdoch ‘My children are very…’, ‘Of course its ridiculous…’ and ‘ Rupert was such a good boy…’ are sourced from Rupert the Lad. ‘All lawyers should be..’ and ‘I’m fond of roses…’ come from My life with Rupert.

                     Part 2: Feature Article (750-word feature article…)                    

                    Documentary Treatment

 - Indicate your concept statement, synopsis, intended audience as per   parts 1,2 & 3 of p.27 of your 1004AMC Course Outline.

- Realisation

- Main characters? (Where were they filmed? Why have

                            you chosen them?)

                          - Doco style? (narration, interview? key questions?


- Main sequences? (presented in a 300-word 2-column

                           audio/visual format)

                         - Structure? (progression of events? Climax/resolution?)

- Bibliography (in MLA format, no annotations)

The sum word count of your documentary treatment and your 750-word feature article should be 1500 words.