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Welcome one and all!

This site is an unofficial 'Frequently Asked Questions' site for students of 1004FMC: Media Communications Research.
It is designed as a supplement to tutorial contact but shouldn't be seen as a substitute for tutorial contact.
It works like this:
1) You check this site for an answer to your 1004FMC question.
2) If you don't see the answer to your question, email me with your query, and I will post the answer on the site promptly (I will also send you an email notifying you that your answer is on the site).
You will not be identified in any way in the posting of your question or in the form of the posted answer.
Questions concerning requests for extensions, personal difficulties etc. will remain private and confidential.
I'll make changes and additions to this site regularly, so you should check back often.
Kate Liley

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