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Kate Liley

Curriculum Vitae
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Curriculum Vitae
Papers, Presentations and Resources


Name: Kate Liley

Telephone:  0419 735 159


(Specific contact details can be provided on email application)


Tertiary Education

Current: PhD Candidate/Tutor

School of Arts, Media & Culture

Griffith University, Nathan Campus

Thesis title: ‘RidgiDidge: New Media and Australian Childhood’

March - November 2001                 

Bachelor of Arts with Honours,Griffith University

First Class Honours conferred on 26th April 2002

(Bachelor of Arts (1st Class Honours) awarded on basis of a dissertation entitled Square Eyes: What Children do with Internet Advertising. Coursework included 6002FMC Film Theory and 6100HUM Independent Project ‘The Purple Hat’ Website development. This site was designed to promote positive body image in young girls).

July 1999 - March 2001                       

Bachelor Arts, Griffith University, Bachelor of Arts conferred on 7th April 2001

(Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Film and Media Studies at Griffith University.

  • FMC1002 Film, Media & Culture
  • FMC1004 Media Communications Research
  • FMC2006 Recent Hollywood Cinema
  • FMC2008 Media Culture
  • FMC2003 Film Industry & Screen Culture
  • FMC3005 Media Research & Theory
  • FMC3007 National Cinemas
  • FMC3013 Cultural History and Identity
  • FMC3012 Australian Film
  • FMC3806 Advanced Communication (Film Theory)
  • FMC3010 Australian Media Policy
  • University of Queensland subjects American Literature, Screen Analysis and Journalism
  • Deakin University Distance Education subjects in Media Criticism.

March 1995 -August 1996                     

Part-time studies towards the Bachelor of Arts, Deakin University

March 1992 -November 1992                 

Full-time studies towards the Bachelor of Arts, The University of Queensland

March 1991- November 1991                 

Full-time studies towards the Bachelor of Arts, The Flinders University of South Australia

Papers Presented/Publications

December 2004: The Australian Sociological Association's Annual National Conference, Latrobe University, Beechworth, Victoria

'Getting Real: Lessons from RidgiDidge'

(Paper accepted for inclusion in the refereed Conference proceedings)

September 2003: The British Sociological Association's Youth Study Group International Conference 'Scenes, Subcultures and Tribes', University College, Northampton, UK

'Power and Progress: The RidgiDidge Study '

November 2002: Griffith University 'Work in Progress Conference'

'RidgiDidge: Special Considerations in Children's Media Research'

Teaching Experience

Current: Tutor in Open Learning Australia Subjects

  • CMM17: Film, Media and Culture (All study periods from SP2, 2003 to current)
  • CMM20-30: Media Institutions (From mid- SP3, 2004 to current)

Tutor for On Campus Subjects, Griffith University, Nathan Campus

Semester 1, 2004

  • 1001AMC: Text and Culture Tutor

Semester 1, 2004

  • 1004AMC: Media Communications Research Tutor
  • 'Media Audiences' Lecture to 3rd Year Students
  • 'How to Write a feature Article' Lecture to 1st Year students

Semester 1, 2003

  • 1004AMC: Media Communications Research Tutor
  • 'How to Write a feature Article' Lecture to 1st Year students
  • 'Media Violence' Lecture to 1st Year students

February 2002 - Current

  • Nationally Accredited Martial Arts Instructor with Sakura  Ryu Ju Jitsu (1st Kyu) and Queensland Police, Citizens' and Youth Clubs (Capalaba, Cleveland and Wynnum PCYC's)


  • Completed training in ‘Blackboard’ Portal with FLAS 2003
  • Completed the GIHE Certificate in University Teaching 2003
  • Completed NVivo Training Workshop 2003
  • Griffith Awards for Academic Excellence in 2000 and 2001
  • Member of The Golden Key National Honour Society
  • Current Senior First Aid and Resuscitation Certificate with St. John
  • Current Suitability Card holder with the Commission for Children and Young Children
  • 'Best Club Player' Shield Awarded by Sakura Ryu Ju Jitsu in December 2003
  • Award winning folk artist and muralist (Brisbane Exhibition)


  • Children’s Media Issues, Technology and Social Policy
  • Ju Jitsu
  • Painting using silk and silk paints, decorative folk art and Japanese Ink Painting (Sumi-e)