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A referencing guide can be found at the following address (click on 'Referencing Guide' at the left hand side of the web page).

School of Arts, Media & Culture's Guide to Referencing

The 'CMM17 Forum' Discussion Board is a useful place to go to find information and to cyber-mingle with other CMM17 students...
(Click on the link below, then click 'learning@ GU', enter your student number and password, click on 'Communication' in the left hand side Navigation Bar, then click CMM17 Forum and there you are...)

Portal to CMM17 Forum

This site is designed for Kate Liley's students of CMM17: Film, Media & Culture through Open Learning Australia. This site does not carry nor seek endorsement from OLA or Griffith University.
This site is intended for the purposes of addressing common student queries about their assignments.
If you cannot find an answer to your particular question, email me direct at