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FMMs (Frequently Made Mistakes)

FMMs (Frequently Made Mistakes)
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Despite everyone's best efforts, students are occasionally asked to re-submit their work or are double marked as Pass Conceded or worse. Often, the reasons for such an outcome is that they have made a FMM (or frequently made mistake):

  1. Students write a review of their text telling raving about how wonderful/fantastic/super/bad the sets/direction/film/doco/acting is without addressing the assessment task or demonstrating that they have done the coursework.
  2. Students forget that mainstream films are expensive to make and generally have very large crews (B&T have a run down of crews Chapter 1). This means that there is nothing within the sound/image track or the narrative that is not meant to be there. Subsequently the discussion of any of the four technical codes in Assessment 1 needs to be at least 300 words. (Any Editor, Cinematographer or Sound Editor would be horrified if you reduced their art and hard work to one sentence).
  3. There is no substitute for doing your coursework (It can't be said enough)
  4. There is no substitute for working through your readings dossier
  5. You must proofread your work before you send it in (spelling, grammar, referencing, does it read well?). Check that you have addressed the assessment criteria and you observed all the presentaton requirements on page 6 of your (pink) Assessment Information Booklet.

These are just some of the FMM's that cost students marks.


I'll add to the list as FMM's crop up...

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